Inspiration on Inspiration on Inspiration


Okay, so I know that all of you wedding-obsessors, pinterest addicts and creatives just "literally die" over beautiful weddings and inspiration. I am right there with you. I am actually sitting here right now praying that a Bride contacts me soon wanting on of the seriousy incredible pinterest ideas featured in this very blog post.

So, without further ado, let's get started looking at breathtaking photos in the first of many Inspiration Blog posts:


CAN YOU EVEN TAKE THIS?! Seriously though, this is an amazing replacement for an arbor. This Bride and Groom may be the coolest couple ever.

The possibilities are endless. You could have a significant bible verse or phrase. Even a line from the couples favorite movie or book. We could even get really romantic and quote a lovely peom.


AHHHH! Seriously love this prefect idea! What an awesome way to add a calligraphy element or detail into your wedding.

Calligraphy on a cake is definitely a show stopper. Now I just need to book a bride who will let me draw on their cake :)

Place Cards + Escort Cards

These geode- place cards are actually to die for. Such a beautiful way to include color along with a natural element into your wedding.

Wedding Vows

This. Right. Here. Is my F A V O R I T E detail inspiration of all time.

I always encourage my brides to include their vows in the details because that is what we are all there for right?! Marriage!

This is such a unique and lovely way to include your vows on your wedding day. Plus they would be in every photo. <3


- Destiny