All About Seating Charts


Seating charts may possibly be my favorite thing to create for weddings. They are so beautiful and can be extremely creative. In this blog post, I decided to share some of my all time favorite ideas for seating charts.

Have fun! :)

Standard Chalkboard


You can't go wrong with a chalkboard as your seating chart. My F A V O R I T E is when the chalkboard has a beautiful frame and it's adorned with greenery and florals. Whimsical fonts work best with this style and just so happen to be my favorite type of calligraphy.

Painted Wood

I absolutely love painted wood for seating charts. The possibilities are endless! They put off such a romantic vibe and are a beautiful show-piece.

Acrylic Chart

AHHHH! Is there anything more magical than acrylic seating charts? I don't think so. These may be my all time favorite. They definitely call for some serious "oooohs and ahhhhhs".

Creative Seating

I picture the most creative seating charts as the most lovely little garden wedding with flowers galore. When I saw this piece for the first time, I fell in love. It's so pretty and so whimsical all mixed into one art piece.


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