#lddbusinesstips | How Honeybook Changed My Life


Being a business owner is hard. Being a one-woman show is even more difficult. Often times, us entrepreneurs wear MANY different hats and shuffle between being the receptionist, bookkeeper, marketer, designer, production, etc. Coming up with a system to manage clients, ensure every project is on schedule and keep up with billing is extremely tedious. Before HoneyBook, I stayed stressed out. My mind was an endless steam of "Did I reply to that email?", "I wonder if so-and-so has made their final payment", "I can't find their photo inspiration?!" and constant worry. I felt like I was NEVER on top of anything and that I was always forgetting about something important.

And then came HoneyBook.
My lifesaver.
My sanity.

Here's the exciting news, I am going to show you how YOU can change the way you do business by using HoneyBook too! Plus, I am going to give you 50% off HoneyBook! Below is the process I use to manage my clients from inquiry to completion:

The Layout.

To get started, I am going to show you what HoneyBook looks like so you can get familiar. When you first open HoneyBook, you are greeted by what is called your Pipeline (shown below).

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.25.12 PM.png

The best part about this pipeline is that you can customize each "category" to say whatever you would like it to. When you scroll down, you will see a list of each "project" or customer that you have. Just from the home screen, you can view their project date or due date, the last time you corresponded with them and what stage they are in your Pipeline.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.36.31 PM.png

When you click on a project, it sends you to that projects page. From here, you can view any email correspondence, files that you have sent your client or that your client has sent you, and their payment status.


My Workflows.

When I say HoneyBook automates everything, I really mean EVERYTHING. Emails, Payment Reminders, Task Reminders, Email Templates, it automates it all.

When a client inquires through my website, (a custom contact form integrated with HoneyBook) a project is automatically created inside HoneyBook containing all of the information I need to know about their project.

Next, I reply to their inquiry via a custom email template that I pre-made.

After chatting with them, I create their custom proposal, which is a BREEZE. The proposal automatically includes the contract (which allows the customer to sign it online) and you can create a custom payment plan for each individual client, which is freaking awesome. Not only that, once a client books, they can set their payment plan to "auto-pay" if they want OR you can create a workflow that automatically sends the customer an email however many days/weeks/months before their payment due date to remind them. My jaw literally dropped when I learned about this feature because who wants to chase down payments?!

Once a client books, I have another workflow I set that automatically sends an email one month prior to their event that reminds them to setup their "Finalization Meeting". 

Finally, I have my last automatic email that sends two weeks after their project that thanks the client again for using my services and how much it was an honor to design for them.