The Life of a Wedding Florist

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The Life of a Wedding Florist

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Let me start off by saying that becoming a Wedding Florist has been one of the most amazing, inspiring, fulfilling experiences of my life. I am in love with this business and all of its' good, bad and ugly.

"Wow! You're a florist?! You must have SO much fun playing with flowers all day every day!"

If I only had a dollar every time I heard this phrase... :) 

Yes. I get to be surrounded with the most beautiful, luxury blooms.
No. It is not always as glamorous as it sounds.

I know. Mind Blowing.

Of course there are some "glamorous moments" like collaborating with photographers to create whimsical designs for styled shoots, and holding countless peonies for a selfie, and traveling all over the country (and soon to be world) to make pretty happen.

But the truth is... being a florist is HARD. WORK. And i'm not talking about just working up a sweat. I'm talking shredded hands, sore feet, throbbing wrists, stems sticking out of my bra, blood dripping down my arm and I can't find the rose thorn, so tired you can't even think straight kinda hard work.
And not to mention the other 50% of the time that I'm not just arranging flowers. I am also the one responding to all of your emails, creating flower recipes, designing event concepts, hosting consultations, advertising upcoming events, managing social media, trying to answer every call that comes in, updating our website, creating employee schedules, managing the books...
and So. Much. More.

Why do I keep on doing it?
I am IN. LOVE.

...captivated with taking a step back after completing an on-site design and soaking up every corner of the room.

...smitten with meeting new brides and creating custom designs for their wedding.

...fascinated with learning how each flower reacts to temperature, water, flower food, humidity and processing methods.

Before flowers, I got bored with every job I had. Nothing kept me interested and I was always craving something that would keep me excited about going into work every day. 
Let me tell ya, there is definitely not a problem of boredom anymore, haha! 

I was made for this. <3

So, what does a week in the life of a Wedding Florist look like?
Here we go:

Monday - Office day!
You can find me at the storefront sifting through emails, having consultations, planning social media posts, keeping the books, designing floral recipes and everything else that comes with the "business" side of running a small business.

Tuesday - Ordering + Finalizing
It takes every hour that I can possibly squeeze out of the day to ensure that my flower order for the week is perfect for the weekends' wedding, making a production schedule for the week and making sure all of my hardgoods are ready for the weekend.

Wednesday - Flower Day :)
It's flower delivery day! Whether this weeks' flowers are shipped to the office or I have to go pickup from the airport, this is the day we process each flower for the upcoming wedding. Cleaning buckets, prepping flower food, pouring the right chemicals, unpackaging flowers, processing each bloom, placing in the correct temperature/humidity is what today is all about. And yes, I treat my flowers like my babies and I even talk to them. Cue the crazy, haha!

Thursday - Design day!
Now that all of the flowers are processed and properly hydrated, we can start making flower magic happen! On Thursdays, we design all of the centerpieces for your event.

Friday - Design Day #2!
Quite possibly my favorite day of the week, the day I design all of your bouquets, boutonnieres, and design details. After spending countless hours making sure each arrangement is perfect, we then spend even more H O U R S properly packing your flowers so that they arrive to the venue just as beautiful as when we left the shop.

Saturday - Wedding Day.
It's game time. We've been working ALL week making sure each arrangement is beautiful and perfect and now the real stress begins. Our day is packed full of delivering blooms to events, setting out candles, designing arbor arrangements on site, placing garlands and making the magic come to life. Oh yeah, and then once you leave the wedding, we come back and break everything down. Yes, it is the longest day EVER. But it is the most rewarding. <3

Sunday - Wedding Hangover.
The urge to stay in bed all day is SO REAL. My feet are killing me, my hands are covered in scratches and cuts and every inch of my body is sore from carrying arrangements around the day before. But before I try to squeeze in as much rest as possible, I go back to the shop, clean the buckets, unload the van and put everything back in it's place.

And there you have it, a week in the life of a Wedding Florist.