Petite Subscription

Petite Subscription

55.00 every month

Up to twelve blooms paired with lush greenery and arranged into a bouquet.


Subscription Accounts:

Customers who buy a subscription product can view and manage their subscriptions from their Customer Account. After logging in, click My account, and then Subscriptions. All subscriptions are listed in the Subscriptions section. You will be able to view all details, including: the next order date, price, subscription frequency, order history, and saved billing information. If the subscription has a limited number of renewals, your account will also display the number of payments left in the subscription.

Canceling a Subscription:

To cancel the subscription, click Cancel Subscription. In the confirmation window, click Cancel Subscription. You'll receive an email notification when a customer cancels their subscription.

Updating Payment Information:

To update your payment information, click Payment Method, and then Update Payment Method.